Monday, May 29, 2006

Problems with Outlook :-(

just started Outlook to check my mails... and all my contacts were gone! Hm... strange... a few hours ago everything was fine. Clicking on the adress book just gave me a nice message telling me that it is corrupted and I should reinstall it! But all my emails were still there...
Ok, so I searched for the adressbook file (*.wab), and doubleclicked it.... same message. Importing it in outlook also failed (what a surprise ;-)
So I searched in the world wide web... and found:
1) the path in the registry pointing to the adress book is most likely corrupted -> so I had a look but everything was fine
2) the adress book file is write-protected -> no it was not in my case!

So searching again and finally I found it... Three days ago (!!!) I installed the security update KB911567 from microsoft's ... That's s the reason. It modifies outlook files and kills the adress book. Fortunately you can uninstall it! But I don't get why it still worked the last days and suddenly (3 days after installing this update) it collapsed.

Well, I hate such shit. You think you do something right by installing updates and then it fucking kills your adresses! Bah! PURE HATE!!!!
I think I will drink a beer know to come down....
Good night!

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