Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Infected by a trojan...

Yesterday I went mad... Altough I use Antivir, a firewall and have all windows updates installed, I fucking little file called 'ibm00001.exe' infiltrated my system. It injects itself into explorer.exe, opens some ports and as soon as there is an internet connection, it sends data out in the world and you cannot use your internet connection anymore.
So I searched from another pc for information and first it looked pretty easy: booting in windows emergency mode, kill the file, kill some registry settings and everything should be fine... and I tried really a lot! And altough I killed everything (all registry info etc.) and there was no sign that this fucking thing is running, as soon as I connected to the web, the same shit again. It has been a long time ago that I was so angry than yesterday. I wasted hours to kill this bastard, but it didn't worked. Seemed I had another harder version than the users in the forums out there. Finally I re-installed my windows and after nearly 6 hours, my system was running again....
If I ever meet a trojan coder, I will kill him!

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