Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Diploma Thesis

That's just a quick post to tell what I'm doing now. I found finally an interesting diploma thesis at which I have been working for the last two weeks already. It's official title is "Development of a Power-Aware Rate Controller for H.264 Video Encoder" and it's located at the Chair for Embedded Systems at University Karlsruhe. My mentor seems to be really nice and to be motivated to help me completing my work successfully. I have 6 months to finish it and hopefully this length of time is enough. I was surprised how complex this H.264 Encoding Standard is and how many complicated steps needs to be accomplished to encode a video with good quality and less need for memory. I have read two complete books and several papers during the last weeks and also dived in the C Code of the standard implementation of this encoder but understanding the rate controller process/steps seems to be really hard. I think this will last but let's see...
The good thing is that when I come home I can watch football the whole evening :-) Or I go to a place with public viewing when the German football team plays. The European Soccer Championship is really exciting and I'm curious what will happen... :-)

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