Friday, September 05, 2008

Still there

currently I'm very busy with my diploma thesis - I just finished a big part concerning mode decision inside the encoder, now I have to implement some algortihms in VHDL and after that I will start with the actual Rate Controller. Things are getting more complicated and I also have to read some papers and books to build a mathematical theoretical background for my model. Well, nearly half of the time is already gone, so only 3 months left = stress.
That's why there is also no real update on my website. Ok I improved my layout as you can see which took already some time - did I ever mentioned that I'm no friend of html/css/all other web scripting languages - they just look ugly compared to a real programming language!
But I have already two cool tools coded concerning planar 4:2:0 yuv-files which just need some commenting and bugfixing before going to be available on my site - so stay tuned.

(Caution: Advertisment) I came across two cool free downloads - maybe you are also interested:
First of all, google published their own browser chrome for free download. My first impression is pretty positive - it's fast, small and easy to use - most of the screen is used for the displayed website, there is no over-blown gui with thousands of menus and statusbars. I like it but I stick to my lovely firefox - I am used to it and the bookmark bar is better and more comfortable to use in my opinion. But you should give chrome a try!
Second, after releasing Command & Conquer 1 as freeware, C&C - Red Alert is now also freely available as download. It's even better than part 1, in fact it is my all-time favourite realtime strategy game ever. I loved it. So go and download the iso images and start playing. For playing it under Windows XP/Vista, choose compatibility mode 'Windows 95' for both, the setup exe file and game exe file, and install also the provided patch - then you have no trouble.

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