Sunday, April 19, 2009

What's currently going on..

So folks,

I had last week off as my company has closed for four days due to the financial/economical situation. I used this 'forced spare time' to go on holiday - I went with my girlfriend to Vienna, Austria for some days. This was really nice - it's a really cool city with many, many places worth to visit, so we were the whole day on the move. Additionally we had awesome weather - look at this:

What else I have done in my spare time? Well, I must admit I began to play a video game which I came across in the net. It's a quite old one (dos game) which I own for about ten years but never fetched again from my rack because of lack of time and motivation. Then I saw the screenshots on the net and read that is has been drastically improved by hobby programmers which reversed the whole game and made it open source. Moreover it's now running under Windows (also under linux and mac, just for information!), I tried it again and nearly became addicted again. I'm talking about Transport Tycoon, more precisely Open Transport Tycoon - go and check it out (but you need the game data files from the original game). Here a screenshot:

What's about coding, reversing and your homepage you ask? Damn, a good question. Of course, it's not dead. I have just only little time... But I read about many topics I am interested in and some really cool ideas for projects in my head but everything is taking much time so new coding activities just progress slowly.
But I do my best :-) Let's see...

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