Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Holidays are over :-(

Hm, what a nice time I had in August - 4 weeks free! Three weeks relaxing at home, meeting with friends, shopping, going to parties, relaxing and sleeping... But everything has an end and real life comes back. Next week my last oral exam in my minor subject, then I am going to begin with my study thesis - it will be about examining/monitoring the hypertransport bus system. Let's see how it will be - I hope easy :-)
I noticed that I haven't done anything in reversing for a long time but somehow I currently don't feel motivated to do something concerning this topic. But I dived into bezier curves and coded some nice applets (look in the java section of my site). An applet about b-splines is already finished - some little bugs have to be killed. In a few days I'll release two short articles about polygons with a nice applet so stay tuned and keep coding!

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