Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Disabling HP Quickplay buttons

As I wrote some weeks ago, I got a new laptop - a HP Pavillon dv6XXX. Well, everything works and I have no problems so I'm quite satisfied... but one thing really nerves me . There are some so-called quickplay buttons above the normal keyboard, look here:

The problem is that I often accidentally push it. Well, push it is too much, let's say smoothly touch it. This often occurs while coding and I push F5, F8 etc. to compile, build or test something. Then every time it the dvd programm slowly starts and I have to close it down. If this happens a few times, it really pisses me off so I tried to disable them.

Looking at the taskmanager, I noticed some HP programms running. Interesting sounded QPService.exe ("HP QuickPlay Resident Program") and Qlbctrl.exe ("HP Quick Launch Buttons"). But killing these two processes didn't helped.
The only way to solve our problem is to avoid even loading them, so we have to delete the registry keys in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.
Be sure to make an backup of these keys to be able to re-enable it later! Here you have my 2 reg files: the first one disables QuickPlay by deleting the regkeys while the other one enables it by adding the regkeys.
I think that will be useful for some other nerved HP laptop users :-)
Use at your own risk! If they don't work and damage your system, don't blame me.

--- Download Reg Files ---

Update: It seems that I can't re-enable these buttons! So be careful - I don't take any responsibility.

Greetz, Sunshine


Iamurboy said...

Thank you for the help dear! I am also pissedoff with these buttons. When I try to clean the keyboard with a cloth, system will startup when I don't want to use laptop. It so irritates me. If I follow your given method, will all other bottons like sound up, sound down, sound mute etc., also disable? If yes, can you show me a way to disable only those 2 buttons one is Quickplay and other DVD (first two buttons in the row)

Thanks again for your help

... said...

Thanks. I have been searching web looking how to disable these buttons. I have suspected something can be done in the registery, as I have previously disabled the Caps Lock key on my keyboard by editing registery. I will try your method.

Anonymous said...

just deleting/renaming the qp.exe file in your program files directory will also work too, as the most annoying button is the ones at the left

Badbuckle Bob said...

Why would you want to re-enable these buttons!! They drive me crazy.. Just go to the HP website to download a new copy of the Quickplay buttons if you really want them back. Plus this does not stop the sound buttons ect, from working, just simply the Quickplay buttons.

Anonymous said...


Finally I got to love my laptop even more.
Thank you for posting!! :)

(-_-) said...

quickplay buttons suck balls... my least favorite thing about my otherwise good computer

Anonymous said...

What I have done is redirect those two buttons to a non-existent application. When you press them you get the annoying sound but nothing happens since they don't open any program. It works for me.

The problem I do have, even before I did this, is that my MUTE button goes crazy while I work. On and off, on and off, on and off for hours. Sometimes it doesn't do it, other times it goes demon possesed. These buttons are the most evil thing HP has ever designed! I uninstalled the drivers and every possible thing but it still goes crazy. Can anyone help?

Anonymous said...

All I had to do was stop the QuickPlay services and set them to manual.

Anonymous said...


ANNETTE said...

what is really crazy is my power button doesn't work so I need to use quickplay button to turn on laptop then doubleclick windows key then press windows key on keyboard just to use my laptop. any suggestions?