Monday, October 01, 2007

Again I'm coding...

Hey folks,
well at the moment I have some free time. No exams, the lectures are going to start not until middle of October and there are some problems with my study thesis. I cannot begin cause the HTX-Board (a special board to study the hypertransport bus) is not working properly, so this week seems to be idle too.
But not that bad. I came across a little game similar to sudoku and I decided to code a nice applet to play it. And of course even more: also a solver which gives all solutions to a quest (which is even finished and fully working) and a generator to create new games which has only one valid solution. This in fact is pretty more difficult to code - till now it takes in some cases nearly one minute to generate a quest which is sometimes not even solvable! Ok this tool I hacked in really short time without thinking about a clever algorithm so this is something I have to recode I think. The applet coding comes slowly to an end, here a screenshot from its current state:

As you see, I coded also some kind of lame visualization of the currently game. Well, that's not important for the game. It's more my first try of coding a simple wireframe 3D software rendering engine! Not that easy to code - you find only little information about camera and screen projection, but I succeeded :-) Let's see if I will also implement solid filled polygons...
So keep cool, I'm going to proceed with coding!

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Ramzy said...

Its easy!

Just uninstall QuickPlay!

The other buttons will still work as the software for that is installed under the name HP Quick LAunch buttons.

So easy...And such a relieve.