Monday, May 29, 2006

Problems with Outlook :-(

just started Outlook to check my mails... and all my contacts were gone! Hm... strange... a few hours ago everything was fine. Clicking on the adress book just gave me a nice message telling me that it is corrupted and I should reinstall it! But all my emails were still there...
Ok, so I searched for the adressbook file (*.wab), and doubleclicked it.... same message. Importing it in outlook also failed (what a surprise ;-)
So I searched in the world wide web... and found:
1) the path in the registry pointing to the adress book is most likely corrupted -> so I had a look but everything was fine
2) the adress book file is write-protected -> no it was not in my case!

So searching again and finally I found it... Three days ago (!!!) I installed the security update KB911567 from microsoft's ... That's s the reason. It modifies outlook files and kills the adress book. Fortunately you can uninstall it! But I don't get why it still worked the last days and suddenly (3 days after installing this update) it collapsed.

Well, I hate such shit. You think you do something right by installing updates and then it fucking kills your adresses! Bah! PURE HATE!!!!
I think I will drink a beer know to come down....
Good night!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Fancy code for swapping integers

Good evening.

While surfing the internet, I just came across some articles about bitwise operations in C. There I found a fancy code snippet for swapping two 'ints'. Well I never thought about it but if I had to code a little swapping procedure, it would probably something like this:

void swap(int* x, int* y)
int z = *x;
*x = *y;
*y = z;

Ok, quite easy. Just use a temporary variable... but there is another approach without a third variable, just look at this:

x ^= y;
y ^= x;
x ^= y;

Really cool xor-action, isn't it? Try to figure out what's going on here. (Tip: x ^ x = 0)
Well, every day I learn something new... but that's enough for now.
Good night. :-)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Got a blog :-)

Hi out there...

Finally I've also a blog... just don't wanna be out-to-date :-)
No, a joke. Hopefully I have enough time to leave some message regularly. So be prepared to read here about coding, reversing, real life issues and many more topics...

Well, while trying to adjust the layout of my blog to fit it a bit to my site, I recognised (again) how ugly html code is. Perhaps it's due to the fact that I don't know html... but if there is also javascript and css code, it's getting soooo unclear and deformedly... Bah! Just compare it to well-structured, commented java code or plain C code... That looks good! It's really like heaven and hell in my opinion... Ok, Im out! Till next time!

Stay tuned,

your Sunshine