Friday, February 23, 2007

Brainfuck Studio released!

Finally I have managed to finish the first public release of Sunshine's Brainfuck Studio and put it online at my site.
If you don't know: it's a little development environment/interpreter for Brainfuck files written in C#.
This version (0.6) should be to some extent stable ;-) It works quite fine, but syntax colouring and interpreting sources is even slower than I thought... As it's my first c# project, I don't know how to improve the performance, but let's see.
Also many features I am thinking of are not implemented yet. But there are newer versions to come, one day or other...

Enjoy it and keep cool!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Working at my Brainfuck Studio

So, today I had some time, so I continued coding my Brainfuck interpreter in c#.
Well, most basic things work: step-by-step, run-to-cursor and normal execution work fine. Also do saving/loading files, syntax highlighting, a comment feature and much more do what they should... But also a lot of minor bugs impede working with it. And when I look at some parts of the source code, my eyes bleed... too ugly, but it gets better :-)

Also I have really many ideas I want to implement, so it will last a couple of weeks till I'm going to publish a beta version on my site.

But here a screenshot of its current state:

Monday, February 12, 2007

A visit @ IBM

Last week a group of students from the courses of Embedded Systems (including me :-) made a study trip to the IBM research center in Böblingen. Quite cool to have a look behind the scences...
First the building is quite modern and has a nice atmosphere. And very important: the meals at the staff restaurant taste really good! ;-)
We listened to some interesting speeches about IBM servers and of course about the architecture and development of the brandnew Cell processor! Wow! We got also some information about the 'blue gene' and made an excercise for training soft skills.
I think working at IBM is really interesting and must be fun! But to get there a job is very hard for sure... Well, that's future. I have some terms left with learning and exams... So I should get back to work...