Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hey out there,

pretty long no post by me :-( Well, since beginning of August I have holidays and I spent most of the time @ home with my parents and there I have just a lousy internet connection... with that surfing is no fun anymore.
But I updated my homepage with a little tool called 'Desktop Symbol Utility'... was quite funny to code it... dll injecting into explorer process... Would I have done it in Win9x, I would have seen more blue screens than anything else, but fortunaly XP is much more stable if you crash explorer.exe :-))))

Till now, I had just one written exam (in Computer Architecture) this summer. The subject matter was pretty easy but the exam was a bit strange... won't be a good result I guess. After that, I had enough time to relax, to meet old friends and to make party... it's the time of the wine festivals now :-) Unfortunately the weather here in Germany was really terrible, just rain, and I didn't make holidays somewhere else. I was out of luck this summer. Slowly I have to start learning fot the other two exams... well no stress, some time left.

Every now and then, I coded a little bit my project called FolderInfo. It's gonna be a little tool which shows information about harddrives, folders and files (which type of files are most in a specific folder, which subfolder is the biggest and so on). But I'm quite bored coding it: cause it's plain Win API in C++, I have to code the whole GUI with the fancy Windows API and this is killing me! So I decided to freeze this little project... perhaps I have more motivation one day or other... Here a screenshot of the current state:

Cya.... and keep party!!!