Thursday, December 20, 2007

No time for anything....

So folks,
pretty long no update, I know. But this term is quite stressful - my Informatics I Tutorial needs some time for correcting the exercise sheets, for preparation the material and holding the tutorial and the computer execercise lessons. Then I attend some lectures, all of them about computer graphics. Some of them are quite difficult to follow cause of the complicated mathematics involved. And last but not least the most time-consuming thing in the last time: my study thesis. I did not even managed it to update the study page on my homepage with information about it.
Well I'm working with a Xilinx Fpga Board Virtex4 Fx-100 where a Hypertransport Core is running on (I got it working). My task is to extend the core with a monitoring feature - till now I managed it to log the write and read accesses in an associative memory. But now I have to write these information to the main memory using DMA - and this does not work (damn!). Either the linux kernel panics or the computer just hangs up. I really don't know how to achieve the right behaviour, this drives my crazy. I have no simulator, there is no possibility to 'debug' it and synthesizing my design with ISE and upload it to the board takes every time more than 45min. This is definitely no fun! As soon as I get it working, I will post more detailed information about my study thesis.
Anyhow, I got round to code and publish a nice applet demonstrating the Cohen-Sutherland-Algorithm last week. And guess what? The implementation of the Sutherland-Hodgman-Algorithm is nearly finished and waits to be uploaded on my page :-)
But for now, Christmas is coming soon, I still have to organize some presents and I'm looking forward to some relaxing days. So I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year!!!
Greetz Sunshine