Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some personal news

So folks,

finally a new post :-) Just to tell that I'm still there and some things have changed in my life...
I have successfully completed my study at University of Karlsruhe and received my diploma in computer science. My diploma thesis about H.264 video coding finished very well and I'm quite proud of it, likewise my mentor and professor so I expect a very good grade :-)
After this, I moved away from Karlsruhe and now live together with my girlfriend in our own flat. That's why I had no internet access for more than one month and was not able to update my blog. Since beginning of February, I am working as a software engineer at Robert Bosch Gmbh in the sector of automotive control units, more precisely called DCU (Domain Control Unit). Everything is quite new so I am excited how things will go on - hopefully fine and successfully.
But yeah, only less time is available for spare time compared to be a student, so I have nearly no time for my personal coding and my website ;-( But no fear, this will change and I will somewhen resume to please the world with my code snippets ;-)
So then, stay tuned!