Thursday, July 20, 2006

Nice Article


well I spent most time outside in the sun, so only few time for computer. But I came across a nice article about some pitfalls in c++... just wanna give it to you. Worth reading for beginner/intermediate c++ coders... Enjoy it
-> Click here

C ya

Thursday, July 06, 2006

We badly lost....

Hey out there,

well, no post for a long time. But I really enjoy summer (great weather for several weeks here in Germany) with all its partys. Really cool! And yes, a bit work for my study also... Exams are getting nearer :-(

I was never really a soccer fan, but the Fifa World Cup this year definitely changed my mind. Okay that's probably because it's in Germany which makes it a bit special for me. Thousands of people go to the parties in the city, everybody is nice and happy... it's just another nation. I would have never ever thought that it's would become such a cool event and that so many people make party and enjoy it. Just gorgeous!
Well, but I have to admit that I was really disappointed on Tuesday when Germany has lost against Italy. I know, they played a bit better, but it would have been so fantastic if Germany would have reached the final :-( Cause I was also a fan of the Australian team (they stayed in a hotel just a few kilometers away from my home) and they also lost against Italy... Hm, I have the feeling Italy will win the championship... but let's see what will happen on Sunday.

Btw, my BAC calculator is now available on my site in English and Germany. Works fine, but the database is a bit small... hope I will feel like adding some more items.

Enjoy the World Cup Final on Sunday!