Friday, July 27, 2007

Still there


well long time no sign from me. Last time was pretty stressful, as always when the term-time reaches the end. On Monday I have a written exam in 'Communication and Databases' so no time for coding or doing anything else. Then I have 3 weeks holidays which I spent at my parents and one week in Spain; but that also means no updates on my website cause I have no access to the internet the whole August! In fact I have no idea what to code or reverse anyway...
Apropos Internet: I changed from German Telecom to o2 and this caused a lot of problems! In fact I had no telephone and no access to the net for more than two weeks! o2 is completely incompetent - they really suck!
So, I hope all of you reading this enjoy the summer and relax in the sun - exactly as I will do in the next weeks!
bye Sunshine