Saturday, April 26, 2008

Last oral exam done!

Hi everybody,
after 8 weeks of learning and diving into the secrets of nets, pointclouds, bezier and bspline curves, triangulations, many graphical algorithms and much more, I had yesterday my last oral exam - in computer graphics. It went perfectly :-) Fortunately I was very well prepared. My study thesis is also finished so I'm looking currently for an interesting diploma thesis. But now I make holidays for two weeks - very nice cause the summer slowly begins now here in Germany and the weather is great!
So perhaps I'll find some time for coding - have already two things in mind that I'm wanna code, but let's see.
Well, over the last years my interest in computer games constantly decreased. But when I played something (very seldom) then it was of course Trackmania Nations. I did already mentioned it on my site when this game was released two years ago - completely for free! It an really nice, good looking, challanging racing game which you can also play over the net against others. And now, finally, the next part was released - Trackmania Nations Forever - again for free! So if you like racing games, be sure to check it out! Best thing is to check out following very good site - there you find everything you need:

So have fun!