Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hope dies last

So, January is nearly over and that's just my first post.
As always, much work to do :-( My study thesis does progress quite slowly unfortunately. The problems are pretty resistent against my tries to solve them ;-)
I managed it that my log entries can be sent from the htx-board to main memory. Therefore I use a linux device driver to allocate a buffer in main memory and send its physical (not virtual, that's why a driver is needed) address to the board. So when my associative memory on the board is full, they are written to this buffer and I can read them with my user-level test application. Of course, some little bugs are still there (not surprisingly, isn't it). Write requests are not correctly logged in contrast to read requests and I f***ing don't find the reason. But I still hope that I can finish it in near future.
I'm slightly sad that I have so little time for my website and coding. I had begun to code my own burrows-wheeler-transformation in the last week of december, but just one day wasn't enough to get it working. The reverse transformation is quite difficult to implement it efficiently - the way I learned to do it by hand is not a good way to implement it. Perhaps when this term is over, I have some spare time and enough motivation to complete it.
Till then, keep cool,
greetz Sunshine