Sunday, January 09, 2011

Browsing old reversing sites - the good old times

I just browsed through an old backup folder called "Reversing favourites" ... man this contains really OLD urls of reversing sites: groups, tutorials and so on!
Of course, I clicked several of them, full of hope, just to get disappointed that ca. 90% of the urls do not exist anymore. But some of the linked site still exist, but of course not updated for several years - just lying dead on some server.
I engrossed the thoughts what really cool sites existed at that time, now approximately 10 years ago. Here are some that are still online but out-of-date - maybe some of you want also fall in some nostalgy.
So here are my three top sites that are still online available:

  • Immortal Descendants - this is one of my all-time favourite reversing sites. The tutorials and the code snippets were outstanding at that time, at least for me. I linked a working archived version of the site, the original URL was
  • BIW Reversing - not that old but still no update in the last two years
  • Crackstore - one of the first reversing sites I have ever visited
Let's see, next time I post the URLS of the top site of nowadays... stay tuned!

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